which Mutual Funds can give us more profit at lower Risk?

i want to invest in Mutual Funds.
BUT i haven’t any knowledge about Mutual Funds.
Can you tell me Which Mutual Funds can give us more profit at lower Risk with flexibility?
Thanks all of you friends!

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  1. reliance regular saving fund – growth plan

    it is a five star rating fund by the crisil. for risk free good earning its a best fund in the market.
    minimum investment monthly rs.500/- nd maximum no limit.
    entry load- nil
    exit load- 2.25%

  2. returns is a function of risk…you have to choose your risk taking willingness…risk free investments are fixed deposits in bank….you can earn such kind of return (9%) with almost no risk in arbitrage funds…why should you invest in such funds when u get this return in fd? because fd returns are clubbed with your income and hence taxable while if you invest in these funds for more than one year, returns are tax free. if you are not satisfied with 9% then you can choose equity funds …they have probability of giving high returns (40%-50%) and low returns (-30% – -40%)…so basically it boils down to luck….if you can’t afford to lose your principal …i would suggest fixed deposits or arbitrage funds…u might want to read “Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham..its readily available at roadside bookshops for rs. 100-150

  3. ya, you can say so.. they are anytime better than FDs in banks or insurance policies.
    But i suggest that you invest in diversified funds.

  4. Infrastructure funds like SBI, UTI & TATA are doing well.Reliance growth plan Retail is also a good choice.ULIP schemes from various banks are also safe, but you should observe the market for a couple of months before investing .As in the ads mutual funds are subject to risk, read the offer document carefully b4 investing!!!!!!!!

  5. Investments in Equities and Mutual Funds does not guarantee any profit. Here one can even lose the capital invested. But it rarely happens. Risk and returns are inter related. Lower risk MFs will give you lower returns. Higher the risk higher the return and vice versa.
    Consider investing in Open Ended Equity MFs in SIPs.
    God luck !!!

  6. CGMFX is the best mutual fund I have ever found till now…

    I would really recomment it and take a look at their PERFORMANCE history!! Quite spectacular

  7. It is a fundamental principle of investing that returns are proportional to risk and you cannot ask for the impossible. However you can reduce your risk and volatility by mixing uncorrelated investments, ie stocks, bonds, property shares and cash.

  8. I would suggest you not to invest in any mutual fund at this stage ……the period is very volatile with immature Indian Money Market. Investment of this nature can’;t be risk free. Since this is a very shaky period , and I am sure , you are not a big investor, please don’t invest in M. Fund. It’s better if you leave the sum in any Bank in the form of Fixed Deposit or , in the form of MIS , which is preferable only if you don’t have a regular source of minimum income per month .
    Please take note of the fact that the world economy is very much affected by US ‘slow down ‘ having all the symptoms of a Recession that may lead to Depression as it happened in 1929 to 1932. The money market as well as consumer purchasing power is reducing fast in the USA ……the latest trend is undoubtedly very much bad . India , by no means , can escape this. Luckily, our Bank Deposits are Insured by RBI and most are Nationalised.
    Go by FD.,.,,,…….with no risk for a period of 2/3 years at the least.There’s no chance of any miraculous recovery……….In India, our politicians are more concerned with “Reservations, vote banks, Elections under a corrupt administrative system ”
    than to find out ways and means to protect the vast majority who are either the “poor or the low middle income groups”.

  9. Look for prudential ICICI, Franklin etc……..They sustained in the markt crash also…

    Well, U can build ur portofolio in a systamatic invstment directly in equity market now…….

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