3 Replies to “Which mutual funds are more beneficial form the current market?”

  1. Obviously Reliance and UTI…. When u invest in UTI u can get Some what higher growth and full safety for ur money… but in the reliance u can get higher growth but no safety for ur valuable money……….

  2. Diversified equity funds which have given steady returns over the last 3 years are the best in these volatile times…
    Suggest that you do not just consider the returns in the last 6 months or one year as the market has given extremely high returns in the past but the same may not sustain in future… Returns of not more than 20 to 25% can be expected in 2008… Funds like DSP ML Opportunities, Kotak 30, DSP ML TIGER, HDFC TOP 200 etc are the best..
    If you want to take a higher risk, then you may go for infrastructure funds – but they may not have as good a run as the last year…

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