which mutual fund to take?

i m a student and planning to invest about 1000 per month in mutual funds.. for about 3-5 yr period plz tell me which one to go i don’t understand those types of funds the abbreviations and other things please give me a list to choose from thank you

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  1. I believe this fund is one of the best out there.
    Oceanstone Fund symbol OSFDX 800 988 6290
    It is a large value fund rated 1 in its class, turned
    $ 10,000 into $ 65,000 in a 10 year period.
    Is rated 5***** by Morningstar rating system.

  2. I too was in same position as you are right now and then my friend suggested me to make a call on 60011600 as they will provide you the best mutual fund plan. I want to thank my friend as they solved my problem .

  3. dont invest this year , wait for next year …. Chose growth option

    ~ hdfc top 200 , hdfc equity , reliance banking , reliance growth , sbi taxgain , sundaram taxsaver are Better mutual funds according to my opinion … Thx

  4. Whether you currently invest in mutual funds or are considering investing in them, these seven principles, brought to you by the CSI, will help you invest with confidence. You’ll discover:

    Why it’s more important to evaluate the fund manager’s track record, and not necessarily the fund’s track record
    How to avoid investing in yesterday’s “hot” fund
    When you should sell an under performing mutual fund – and when you should hold it
    How to create a personal investment blueprint to choose funds with investment objectives that match your own

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