11 Replies to “Which mutual fund is best?”

  1. First of all you have to decide for how much duration u want to b invested.

    follow these rules

    1) start a sip ( systematic investment plan ) in these funds

    a) HDFC TOP200 2) Reliance vision 3) Reliance growth c) Reliance regular savings fund.

    start with small amounts eg Rs 1000/ for each. if the market goes down try dont worry. but stay invested for at least 3 yrs. each of these funds are 25% + return giving funds.

    after a year invest more maybe double and step up as ur earning increases..

    if for short term u need to save then equity is not a good option. at least 3 yrs pls remember

  2. Mutual funds are things of the past for the most part. Consider buying ETF’s instead. Mutual funds have large front loads, and sometimes rear loads, even when advertised as no loads. Consider ETF’s in Manufacturing, Energy, Technology, and agriculture. ETF charges are way less than those of mutual funds. Brokers don’t tell the truth. They will answer any question honestly, but you aren’t experienced enough to ask the correct questions. It is what they don’t tell you that hurts you.

  3. This is common question asked by people that have little understanding of Mutual Funds. There is no such thing as “the best mutual fund”. There may be a Mutual Fund that’s best for you.

    Mutual Funds For Dummies

  4. Hi, There is no free lunch in this world.
    One can suggest / advice you,but the final decision is your to take.
    Few general principles of MFs
    1 – Always go for SIP to take advantage of market volatility, form of compulsory saving & Rupee-cost Averaging.
    2 – AVOID PURE SECTOR FUNDS. Invest in Diversified Equity Funds.
    3 – Again avoid balanced MFs. Go separately for Growth & Debt funds ( This is my personal opinion)
    4 – Consider the monthly amount to be put in MFs in SIP mode.
    Divide it in 4 equal parts.
    First one in Large Cap MF
    Second one Mid Cap MF
    Third one Small Cap MF
    Last one Debt MF.

    As far as which particular MF to buy, you need to study yourself with help of following links


    Tip – On these sites, check out for the top 5 MFs in each category and buy the common one listed.

  5. HDFC Top 200 is one of the best mutual fund available in the market. Other than that motilal oswal has also launched an excellent ETF M50. This is also one of the best in category. For any type of financial queries feel free to call me
    Prabhat Kumar Singh,

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  7. rds has give you correct answer. SIP is the good option. If u still wish 2 have details about funds then feel free to contact 9870020060

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