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  1. This question could never be answered with out knowing your asset allocation (and in turn, where are the gaps you need to fill).

    Investing any other way would simply be gambling.

  2. don’t buy any mutual funds now, as markets will fall more, so will their nav, so take a call on buying them in last week of april, from the choices you gave, kotak is the best.

  3. Without knowing more of your personal information, your financial condition, or your risk tolerance investment decisions into any investment can not and should not be given.
    Giving advice without proper information is morally and ethically wrong, taking advice from blind sources is just plain stupid.
    Sorry but experience knows best,

  4. Dont buy yet
    MF dont have a hedging so wait
    Once you get confirmation of Bull then buy
    SBI Global, Contra
    HDFC sensex
    FT prima, Infrastucture
    Reliance power sector

  5. Ask yourself some questions and start investing,
    Why you want to invest and for how long…
    If you can identify some of the future requirements you wish to address by this money, calculate the rate of return, your current asset has to grow to reach your future value.
    Consider your future earnings and investments too…
    The market will always give you surprises…are you ready to see your money growing small, if yes…how much this will answer your risk appetite.
    Invest some money in all the MF schemes you like limit the number by your imagination.
    SIP is the best way to create wealth…
    Mutual Fund advisors are always there to help you find a good one and HAPPY investing…

  6. I feel this site will be of some use to you…


    You cannot generalise on whether SBI, TATA or KOTAK is better. It depends on the MF you want to choose in each of these fund houses. All the three have good funds. Reliance is also a good fund house.

    I suggest you do some analysis on the MF that you want to buy by refering the link above.

    Try to diversify your portfolio. Dont invest in similar funds. That reduces the risk.