Which medical insurance covers better ?

I am 35 and married with 2 boys aged 8 and 4. I am planning to include my parent senior citizen also. I am looking for best coverage and tax benefit. Which company offers best policy and coverage, tata, reliance, lic, sbi, etc. Some of them saying cashless benefit, but it is really not working i experienced with lombard 2 years back and discontinued. The hospitals wont agree into this, but i dont know what is the status now ? Looking for suggestions.

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  1. Yes…Sir, I am equally interested to know. Thanks for the question …the answers should be INDIA specific….any body from the core of the Health Insurance industry…pl guide us without any bias and prejudice.Pl rank them as one, two and there like that !!

    Equally who have had a chance to compare two or more Me declaims (India) as an user …pl answer. Thanks

  2. None. They are all there to make money and when your need come they tend to wiggle away by showing one class or other. You are better off saving that premium in interest yielding source and use it at the time of need.

  3. mmm… i live in italy so no need insurance, but if i will travel to USA i’m sure will do turistic insurance…