10 Replies to “Which life insurance policy would be the best from an investment perspective?”

  1. Life Insurance is about Risk cover and not return on investments.

    However, if you invest in ULIP and effectively exercise the switch option then you will get decent returns.

  2. Consider two piles of money both invested in the same type of investment. Now, consider removing insurance costs from one of the piles. Naturally, that pile will be the smaller pile.

  3. From an investment perspective, it would be best to have no life insurance.

    Having life insurance is not best from an investment perspective.

  4. Hi Animesh,

    As per what I have read, I feel that you should invest in a saving plan. There are some good companies out there in the market that provide good saving plans. Make a note of the following when planning your investment –

    • Decide your premium amount
    • Decide your Sum Assured
    • Decide your policy term
    • Choose your investment funds.

    Future Generali is one of such company that has many plans like Nivesh preferred ULIP, wealth protect plan, Anand plan and many more from which you can select the one that would suit your needs. Hope this helps you.

  5. Insurance is not investment . It is an expense. It is only a LOSS REDUCING AVENUE for unforeseen events.

    For investment there are better avenues like PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY

  6. dear animesh

    Insurance and investment are different. if you are combining that u will end up in loss(u could have earned more with your hard earned money). history talks abt this. this is not my conclusion.

    1. Insure ur life with a term plan. dont go for money back, endowment, and other whole life term.

    2.Reasons for asking you to avoid Traditional insurance plans(investment +insurance)
    As the returns offered by these are very low (5 to six percent annualised) and Insurance cover is also not enough(High insurance cover is possible only if we pay more premium in case of traditional money back plan, but in the term plan we will get higher insurance cover for lower premium) .

    3.ulip is having higher management charges.there are many other hidden charges.

    Personal finance:
    Keep it simple.
    1. Insurance – term plan
    2. Long term wealth creation- ppf, mutual funds SIP.

    Keep it very simple. No need to go for any complex product.

    Many of the indians are fooled by so called lic agents and losing the good returns.

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