Which LIC insurance should I select ?

Iam looking to take a LIC policy & looking for some good returns after some year ..which will be the best in following one

New Bima Gold; Jeevan Shree – I ; Jeevan Anand ; Jeevan Tarang

Which LIC insurance should I select ?
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  1. jeevan anand which have benefits both at survival to the survivor and benefits to the benificiary after the death.It is much better than jeevan tarang.i feel its better than any plan in lic group

  2. New Bima Gold – is a unique with profit money back type plan.Premiums paid over the term of the plan are paid back in installments at specific durations. Also has an extended life cover.Suppose if the term is 20 years, extended cover will be for 10 years.

    Jeeven Shree-1, is suitable for high earning people with convenient premium paying terms.This help them to pay the premiums in their most productive years. Min.Sum Assured Rs 5 Lacs.

    Jeevan Anand- In this also, even after premium term, risk cover continues till the death of the policy holder.

    Jeevan Tarang: This is a whole life plan which provides annual survival benefit @ 5.1/2% of the Sum Assured for life time after one year from the chosen accumulation period. Bonus will be paid in one lumpsum at the end of the accumulation period.

    All are equally good, depending on your requirement, and your paying capacity, you may make the selection.

    For any further clarification, contact: [email protected]

  3. Insurance is an expense, not an investment. The returns from insurance is very low. For Insurance go for PURE TERM COVER.

    For INVESTMENT , go for a combination of PPF / SIP in mutual funds / Direct equity.

    Insurance is a wrong avenue for investment.

  4. Y only still LIC just come out look for so many beautiful plan offered by other companies who are best like SBI life, HDFC Standard life, i- pru just look for long term best in their deals……

    your in 2010 not in 1960’s my dear friend

  5. Go for Jeevan Tarang.
    It is only plan offering Guaranteed 5.5% return on Sum Assured after premium paying period of 10, 15 or 20 years.

  6. Let me know about what is Jeevan Anand ? suppose i am taking 2 lacs for 25 years what is the
    returning amount in 25 years please answer

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