which is the right policy for me….? plz help…!?

have marks on my thighs for a plastic surgery…(surgery in which pigmented skin was used).
so i have to hide these marks to have a good future…!
n i have to undergo a cosmetic surgery.. within coming 5-6 months.
n i came to know a policy by ICICI prudential….policy named as HOSPITALCARE/HOSPICARE.
the person who advised me this policy says that this policy will cover for me for any surgery.n i can claim for the money even within the 10 months of taking the policy.

is the person true or a fraud….?

is there any policy which could cover me for a cosmetic /plastic surgery , where i can claim for money within 1 year of taking the policy?

n what should i take care while taking such insurance policies…?

plzzz help……

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  1. There is no insurance policy which covers plastic/cosmetic surgery

    If some body claims its misselling, if at all some one claims so, ask in writing

    Insurance is meant to cover financial loss due to an uncertainity.

  2. As this is pre-existing condition, it will not be covered under any health insurance product.

    ICICI has recently launched a health insurance ULIP in which you can withdraw the fund value against medical expenses but again this is your money only (money invested in funds).

  3. Listen..
    Don’t listen any one
    because no any insurance company not pay u your expance
    If anyone say to u we will pay u that is false and don’t believe ..
    You need money samething insurance company or anyother need money too my dear friend..

    If u will get helth,life insurance policy from any other company tell them first you had sergery It is important to u and your familys… dear friend..

    Tell u one things Get insurance from Max New York Life company because strong company and high return and long long long term company and so many good thing for this company for this meet Max New YL company office …..best of luck..
    take care your health…

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