Which is the more important between health and life insurance?

Health insurance in India is a sector that is just taking off. The people are still learning about the benefits and life insurance is well know in India. Which is more important and why?

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  1. I feel both are important for a person/individual. there are many companies in India which provide health and life insurance both. You can say Appollodkv as one of the company.

  2. well to put it simple health insurance is for you and life insurance is for people whom you leave behind ( eg: spouse or children )

  3. Hi

    Life Insurance means we can insure our lives for a definite sum assured. For Example : If you are paying particular amount of premium for say 20 yrs for Sum Assured of 10 lacs, this means that if something goes wrong with you even after the first premium, the nominee will get 10L + Accrued Bonus.

    In Health Insurance, your Health is Insured.For Example: If you take a health insurance worth Rs. 2L, then if something goes wrong with your health, you will be paid upto 2L.

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  4. Sorry, improper inquiry;
    two different spheres;
    both equally important depending on income,age,future requirements;
    but, once you have the idea, immediately ,do go & get insurance cover after appropriate advice.

  5. If you get sick, you need health insurance to pay your medical bills. By the same token, if you die, your family will need money for final expenses, to pay mortgage or rent, provide an income pay debts, etc.

    Here’s a couple of questions:

    When are you going to get sick?

    More than likely you don’t know, but, you need health insurance when you do get sick to pay your medical bills. Chances are, you’ll be sick and need medical attention before you die.

    When are you going to die?

    You more than likely don’t know, but, you need life insurance for when that time comes to pay those final expenses, debts, and if you have a family, to keep them in their own financial world that they are accustomed to now. We are not promised tomorrow.

    Now, I have provided some information, so you decide which is best.

  6. In Simple words:
    Health Insurance: Here we have two category Mediclaim card and Health insurance ( Only Ulip product )
    Medi Claim Card is you pay some amount to Medi claim card companies, when you suffer from any kind of health probelm without single money you can get treatment.
    Health insurance ( Only Ulip product):
    You pay money for certain years.
    Case 1 : On Marturity you will recieve amount ( that’s Nav * your total units)
    Case 2: If you suffer from the health problem insurance comp provide you some percentage of amount. at end of marturity you get amount as above.

    Life Insurance :
    It’s little different. You pay for some years. if something happens to you policy amount will be given to you. or if you alive till end of the policy term you will get the maturity amount.

    Hope you’re clear.
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  7. Both health and life insurance are extremely important.

    Why do we need Insurance?

    There may be scenario’s where the loss that we would incur due to some event would be extensive and we would not be in a position to incur the losses. Say for e.g., the only earning member in the family meets with an accident and is incapacitated from going to work for 6 months, what would the family do for their survival? These are the cases where Insurance comes in handy. The insured person can claim an amount corresponding to his disability
    losses and use the money to sustain his family until he is fit to resume his job.

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  8. Everyone should have health insurance to ensure that they have access to medical care if they need it.

    Life insurance is only needed if you have dependents. If your income supports other people then you need to leave some support if something happens. If you are single and have no children, then life insurance is a waste of your money.

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