8 Replies to “Which is the highest return giving investments are?”

  1. If you have minimum six years of your disposal to investments, you can invest in National Saving Certificate which provide simple interest of 8.16%, 8.83%, 9.55%, 10.33%, 11.17% & 12.08% in six years respectively on your investment. Return is sure and safe. After six years you can again reinvestment your matured amount for another six years if have time.

  2. If you have 10-15 years time than you can easily invest in mutual fund. You can start doing SIP (systamatically Investment Plan). You can do SIP of Rs.3000/month in 4 schemes.

    I suggest
    Reliance Regular Saving Fund Growth
    HDFC Top 200 Fund
    Reliance Growth Fund
    DSP BlackRock TIGER Fund

    do SIP in all the four funds you will get best returns.

    If you are looking for safe investment than visit below mentioned websites for safe investment schemes in details.

  3. Mutual funds only increase in value when the market going up. i suggest you stick to things that give you a steady income. your best bet is to spend it on educating your self (no one can ever take that away from you!).

  4. For highest return you may opt for investment of your money in share market . Here you will get two types of benefit :-
    a When you are holding shares of the company which pays dividends to their share holders you will be benefit-ted
    b. you must buy your shares at the time when they are at lowest prices as on today you may plan to buy shares of telecom companies or Godrejindustries as these are seeming at their lower prices.and they will definitely move to its double in less then 2 years…

  5. the higher returns you can hope in share market .
    do not buy shares @ one shot .
    split the shares then buy it.
    buy when market comes down for eg. andra bank @ 89 1st level
    andra bank @ 65 2nd level
    andra bank @ 44 3rd level
    chouse your levels then buy it.

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