Which is the best travel insurance from India?

For an Indian of age 66 years going to USA on immigration, planning to return to India after 7 months for a month’s visit and then again after 11 months for a month’s visit. Looking for the insurance which will be honoured in USA, if the need arises, without un-justified objections.

Which is the best travel insurance from India?
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  1. Hi Madhukarji,
    My dad is a year elder to you. I have used Inbound USA when he was 62, which was honored once for fifty percent of dental costs.
    My cousin also had a reasonable reimbursement experience when he took student insurance for 6 months from Inbound USA.

    Less expensive than that is Tata AIG from India that we used 3 years back, but we did not need to get anything reimbursed. Here are some details and reviews though, that do not look good,

    BTW, they are traveling to the Bay area in June, let us know if you get anything reasonable. I will too.

  2. The Overseas Mediclaim Travel Insurance policy protects the insured party against medical expenses that he/she might have to incur during his/her overseas trip. Any Indian resident traveling abroad can take this policy. We are Authorised Associates of Oriental Insurance.

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