5 Replies to “which is the best SIP MF?”

  1. If you are just starting out then you should go for State Bank of India’s Systematic Investment Plan Mutual Funds. Check out their FAQ”s on their website and try to get as much knowledge as possible out of the sites of various websites which offer such Information. There is lot of information in their FAQ sections. For any specific and further information check out this website http://www.paisawaisa.com/ is financial portal and for any other queries which u may encounter and post them on the site and experts will be giving u answers.
    There are many variables in SIP’s and and are different in different offerings and thus u have to be sure that how much money u can spare for investing into these plans before searching for SIP’s to invest in. There is nothing like the best SIP but u can measure them over the security and returns in the offer

  2. Best SIP scheme depends on your requirement like withdrawal period, risk apetite, elss for tax saving or free insurance cover depends on you. mostly sip are meant for long term investment only to achieve your long term goals. for more details mail me [email protected]

  3. Sip is Just Way of Investing
    So I think you want to know about Best MF
    Top 10 Mutual Funds india On basis of 5 year Return
    Fund name NAV
    Fidelity Equity-G 23.70
    Franklin India Bluechip-G 152.92
    HDFC Balanced-G 36.00
    HDFC Equity-G 174.81
    HDFC Top 200-G 145.72
    HSBC Equity-G 81.92
    HSBC MIP Savings-G 16.56
    Magnum Balanced-G 40.86
    Magnum Contra-G 44.96
    Reliance Growth-G 329.08

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