5 Replies to “Which is the best risk covering personal insurance policy in India?”

  1. Hi,

    Last week i have made a comparison of best risk covering plan i have come out with Hdfc Term Plan,

    To give exact details i will require your age as per records…

    i will tell you what the premium which you need to pay for your required sum assured…

    As an example iam giving the details for a per of 25 age person for the term of 30 years.

    For Risk cover of 1crore, Yearly premium would be Rs. 19,688

    and for 50 lacs yearly premium would be Rs. 10,992.

    Feel free to contact me for any clarifications and further help.

    mail me at [email protected] or call me on 09290910497.

    Krishna Mohan.

  2. I have done extensive research and found this to be the best policy.

    Also if you are looking for term insurance, better have a look at Aegon religare I term Plan. Again this is a policy which can be bought online only and not thru any of the agents. Basically the agents commision benefit has been passed on to the customer and hence insurance premium is about 45% lower than the nearest competitor ICICI Prudential.

    for an insurance of 50 lacs, premium for 30 years healthy mail works out to be Rs 6500, which is 45-50% lower than icici pure protect elite which works out to be Rs 13000.

    Please compare and take your own decision, afterall its your hard earned money

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