2 Replies to “Which is the best public sector bank in terms of various service charges they levy on customers.?”

  1. Charges imposed by differant banks differ due to their liberty in this regard. It is very difficult to quote any single bank which are most customer freindly. But you may do one thing. First see what is your requirement from a account and you should opt opening account in bank where your minimum requirements are fullfilled. It is seen we open account with lot of facility but we rarely use many of those facility. But bank charges for those facility in one or more way.

  2. Regarding charges it may vary from bank to bank and service to service .For one say, xx service one bank may charge more but for another say, yy service it may charge less. Therefore it is better to opt for bank which gives quick ,prompt, timely services.But it may differ from branch to branch.Can not say categorically that a particular bank/or its branch is better.

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