Which is the best pension plan today?

I want to take a pension plan because there is recession time in the market. So I want to secure myself. Can anybody suggest me about the latest pension plan of India.

Which is the best pension plan today?
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  1. Hi,
    There are lots of pension plans for you. But you should compare all the plans before any purchase and select the right one according to your requirements. You can also consult with the good insurance agent.

  2. don’t buy any pension plans,if you can buy a house/flat and rent it out and that will be your pension in later life,don’t trust your money with anyone, have you not learnt anything in this recession?

  3. Of course in such markets, you should stay away from non-secure products like ulips. Pension plans are good, but problem is their pension is taxable. I can design tax-free pension plans for you. We can discuss details on 9967280006.

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