One Reply to “which is the best pension plan in the market?”

  1. First of all Good Decision! Don’t buy any pension plan from any insurance company. U want Life cover, go for term plan and take insurance for your need (10 to 50 lk and above) pay premium every year or together for 15 to 25 year. Rest money put some good diversified mutual fund. Best way put 1000/- or Rs.500/- x 2 plan as Systematic Investment plan for at least 15 to 25 year. For example Reliance Growth fund came on Oct.95 if someone invest Rs.1000/- pm in this plan; the investment till date is about Rs.170000/- and the value of this money is approx Rs.2400000/- lacs. (Past performance may very). put money continuously for 15-20 years and after that put your money in to debt fund or post office MIP or Bank and ask them to give monthly money as you wish. Most of company give you SIP insure you may ask to your financial adviser about that. Hope this helps. Write me on idmdaveatlivedotcom if you require more information.

    Finlay Don’t forget to take Medical Insurance to you and your dependent. U plan for your future as well as your expense in future but can’t know how your saving would go to Doctor(s).

    Financial Adviser, Ahmedabad, India.

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