which is the best mutual fund in infrastructure space?

i want to invest Rs. 40000, in infrastructure mutual fund , pl. advise me in which mutual fund should i invest whether it is icici pru infra or reliance infra. my time frame is 3-5 years.

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  1. I would recommend to avoid any of the infra-structure funds because of 2 reasons
    -All people are running after infra-structure which will create bubble in that sector
    -Always avoid sector funds as they are high returns-high risk category.

  2. Infrastructure is more like a diversified mutual fund, since for next 3-5 years will be good for infrastructure theme as lots of things to be done, you made right decision, But Don’t allocate more than 20%, Invest Via SIP and choose growth options,




  3. Look for ETFs in infra, they are like mutual funds that’s traded in the stock exchange.
    You pay less management fee and no-load commission.
    If you really want mutual fund, buy directly from Vanguard or T. Rowe Price.

  4. As per as Infra. Stru Fund Tata Infra. Fund , & UTI Infra fund are good performer
    But my advice not go for Infra Fund bcoz infra fund is Thematic fund in mutual fund always choose a diversified fund like BirlaSun Life Eqity Fund , HDFC Top 100 Fund

  5. Your core investment should be in large cap funds like HDFC TOP 200/ DSPBR TOP 100 / Birla Frontline.
    The fund manager will be investing part of your money in infra sector. He will do a better job of getting in & out of sectors than you. Avoid investing too much in thematic & sector funds.

  6. I think it is not such an easy question to answer because both icici and reliance are equally good and have a very strong market position.
    But since we are talking about mutual funds it is very important to keep in mind the risk factor attached to it.
    In your case i would advice you not to follow anyone’s advice blindly because it is your hard earned money and first try to take the help of internet to gather information on this topic and then try to contact any expert or organization who can help you out in planning your investment.
    I know one such organization or website that is moneysukh.com and can recommend it to you.Go through its research section and gather information about the market from their.You can also seek expert advice by contacting their in house expert which are very much approachable.Be very careful while taking your final decision.
    Good Luck

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