2 Replies to “Which is the best medical policy(whole family) in india?”

  1. New India Assurance (Public Sector) and Star Health (Private Sector) are amongst the best service providors in health insurance.

  2. Hi Sammnpm,

    Before choosing any medical insurance policy you need to check a few things that could cost you at the time of insurance claim. The medical insurance claim process through the cashless system, which is practiced by most hospitals, have a TPA network for the processing of the claims.

    This TPA system, most of the time, have problems regarding lack of funds or documentation errors or filing errors since they handle multiple insurer policies. What you need to check is if your particular insurer has an inhouse company process to process these claims like we do in the form of the Future Generali Health cell (FGH). This cell processes all Future Generali medical insurance claims inhouse, so that the consumers are benefited by speedy processing and also avoid any documentation problems.

    It would be beneficial if your medical insurance has the above mentioned facility.


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