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  1. First decide on the purpose you want the policy to serve. Is it for some educational purpose, retirement or for family after you are not alive. Once your purpose of investment is decided you will be able to select the right plan – otherwise you will never be able to make a decision.

  2. If you are looking only for life cover then term plan is the cheapest option. Or you can go for whole life plans which returns the premium when at the maturity of the policy.
    You can go to http://www.easyinsuranceindia.com which shows the best comparison of all life insurance policy in india with premium.You can choose one for you from there.

  3. Here is not a matter of middle class , matter of coverage u require and priority is matter ie security, medical, annuity pls specify ur priority my mail id check my profile

  4. Hi Jitender,

    You can for Reliance Special Term Credit Plan lowest premuim with high insurance coverage and the entire money gets refunded upon maturity and your life is covered throughout the policy term

    Example for a 3 lakh coverage you will be paying approx 3,007 (If your age is 31 lesser the age lesser the premuim) and after 20 years you will be getting the total amount invested 60,140 (3007*20=60,140) so its like your covered for free

    interested pls contact me on [email protected]