5 Replies to “which is the best LIC policy?”

  1. Go for ANMOL JEEVAN . It is a pure risk policy . It is the best. Take insurance cover only if you are also working. Insurance is an expense , not an avenue for investment.

    For INVESTMENT , go for a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

  2. Selection of LIC policy depends on age and risk analysis of the person seeking insurance.

    Presuming that you are newly married, in the first three years of marriage, Jeevan Sathi is an ideal plan. It will cover both lives in same policy.

    Jeevan Saral has features like partial withdrawl, any time surrender after 10 years, make it a product suitable to protect and provide ofor child educatition etc.

  3. I think that every LIC policy is best.But depend on your requirement which type do you like..OK
    Like Pension,children,money back,Jeevan sathi and Jeevan saral…etc

    Best of luck

  4. It is difficult to provide an opinion without understanding your reasons and goals for choosing a particular investment option. But since both the plans mentioned by you are endowment plans it is perhaps safe to assume that you are looking to build a long term corpus while having life protection for both husband and wife. It is a good idea to segregate the 2 requirements (protection and investment) and take a term policy for both your self and your husband for an adequate sum assured. This will come at a very cheap premium since these are pure protection plans. The money you save (the premiums on Jeevan saral or Jeevan saathi for the same sum assured will be quite high) should ideally be invested separately. If you are risk averse you can even invest it in completely risk free and tax exempt PPF which should give you a return that will compare favourably with what you would get on Jeevan saral or jeevan saathi. If you are willing to take a little risk you can invest it in a systematic investment plan of an diversified equity mutual fund or index fund which will over the long term give you higher returns.

    Whichever way yoiu choose please do not remain underinsured and make sure you have adequate insurance for your children or other dependants.

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