Which is the best investment plan available in the market?

Hi…Could anyone please suggest me the best investment plan with high returns and tax benifit? I m looking for plan with monthly premium of around Rs.2000.

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  1. I think you are interested in buying insurance.

    In that case it is always recommended to go for Pure Term cover and invest the surplus in FD + Post Office + PPF + Shares + Mutual Fund

    this will take care of risk and return

  2. There are various types of trading. But the day trading is more interesting. Day traders purchase and sell different kinds of stocks all over the day. They do this in an attempt to gain a short term profit. The value of a particular stock never stays constant and keeps on fluctuating every second throughout the trading day. Because of this, the profit and the fortunes of day traders also fluctuate. Due to this reason, day trading is measured to be a high risk trading. Therefore it can’t be good for fresh traders. In addition that it can’t be suggested for those who don’t have enough money to risk.Making penny stock investing in day trading can reduce the risk of their trades as they will have a chance to purchase low priced stocks, thus, minimizing the risk of losing a lot of money.

  3. Invest your money in to travel experience.
    If you travel accross India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari or Arunachal to Dwarka. That is the great Investment.Meet different people of different culture dance with them. laugh with them eat with them..that is the dividend…
    After are all Mera bharat mahan provided you travel and see…….!!

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