5 Replies to “which is the best insurance policy for premium of 10 or 12k?”

  1. Do you want to put in 10 to 12,000 at once (single premium whole life) or are you looking for 10 to 12k of coverage. Premium= cost
    face value=coverage

  2. Only one insurance policy is best & i.e. term insurance.

    It is the purest form of insurance in which you save a lot on other charges & it is really very cheap. Invest rest of the money in PPF/Mutual fund

  3. In this recession time life insurance of Govermntal programmes will be the best policy, bcz this panel will not ruein from the market as some time private does.And this will pay individual in future.

  4. Depends on your health.

    Oxford, Monumental, Royal Neighbors, Settlers Life would all be good places to start. Your local independent agent should have all of the rates for them and underwriting info.

    DON’T buy guaranteed issue insurance unless you have serious health problems.

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