Which is the best insurance for age > 65 years?

Im looking for any insurance policy (if exists ) for a person who is aged more than 65 years in India ..
And also what are the conditions for those policies

Thank you all

Which is the best insurance for age > 65 years?
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  1. At that age a person does NOT need life insurance.
    They have no dependents that can’t survive without their income.
    Life insurance for a person this age would cost an arm and a leg.
    It is better to put all that money in a savings account instead.

  2. If you find a company that will issue a life policy on someone 65+, the premium will be extremely high and the coverage very low with a lot of exclusions.

  3. A person of that age does not need LIFE INSURANCE.

    You can take a MEDICLAIM POLICY from a PSU like The New India Assurance Co / United India Insurance.

    If you do not get from them try STAR HEALTH INSURANCE CO

  4. Their will be some limited plan above an age of 65 yrs. For example you may think about LIC`s pension plan New Jeevan Suraksha-1 and New Jeevan Dhara- 1
    a single premium plan Bima Nivesh 2005
    another one a single premium money back plan Bima Bachat
    others are an immediate annuity plan Jeevan Akshay-vi ,
    For more details about that you may ask to your trusted advisor or go to LIC branch
    Those who think before time are always happy. Have a nice day.

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