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  1. All companies are under the guide line of IR DA body.All company’s having similar Products.1, is traditional,2,is unit link insurance products.If you see the returns from traditional is 4% to10% on & eve rage for long term.If they are adding bonus every year is the best.It is secured.2, Unit link insurance product it can give more returns also for long term bass is.Market risk,funds option,so many awareness you should have.Any insurance product to protect your existing liability and to secure your future only.I suggest Max New york life,s some trad,and ulip products having flexibility in all respect.It is for indian only.


    Insurance is for a losing cause. It is for reducing losses . No insurance policy will make you richer than what you are today. Insurance is an expense. Go for PURE TERM PLAN. Visit http://www.aegonreligare.com
    Their online policy is the cheapest.

    For INVESTMENT , there are better avenues. Go for a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

  3. If u r interested in a plan which gives good returns..pls revert back to us at [email protected]
    Please send your full details for us to enable give you best plan among the various companies.
    Please send your:

    1) Amt of premium to invest
    2) Mode of premium – Monthly/Quaterly/Yearly
    3) Tenure to invest (No. of min years you want to stay invested)
    4) Age of person/ persons to be insured
    5) Occupation
    6) Your name address & phone number

    Ruchi Kedia

    Richhpal Financials

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