Which is the Best Health Insurance Policy available for Individuals in India?

So far I have learnt that LIC health plus is a pretty good policy. and has really given in detail the comparisons . Are there any better policies in the Indian Market for individuals.

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  1. try STAR HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN, it’s offices are quite less, but the facilities are good.
    you can be INSURED up to an stretch of 3.5 crores.
    the time in not lifetime, it’s limited, but it is really a good one.

  2. Hi,
    India is really becoming more and more expensive on Health and related expenditure. Health Insurance therefore is really sensible to buy at a young age.
    There is no one answer to your question, as it would depend upon the age, health conditions, your location, your additional requirements, whether you can go for a Medical Exam or not, the amount of cover you want/need.
    I would therefore recommend Indians to check out the website http://www.insurancemall.in for comparing various quotes and features that you may be looking at.

    Thumb Rule would be
    If Age < 45 and Good Health Condition – Reliance
    If Age 45 60 – Bajaj Allianz Silver is the best policy

    When buying a Health Insurance you should take note of the following
    1. Are there any sublimits as to room rent etc. in the policy
    2. Has the Insurance Co. changed its TPA regularly.
    3. What is the claims experience of your broker/agent?
    4. Pre-underwritten exclusions if any – specially for age above 60 is very important to check.
    5. Compulsory Co-payment – Many policies have a part of the expenses mandatorily required to be borne by insured – check that.

    The reason is that Life Insurance Health Plans are more of Benefit plans with fixed daily cash allowances…whereas General Insurance Health Plans are better in terms of RISK COVERAGE on Illness/Accidental Hospitalisations.
    LIFE HEALTH covers are good as ADD On to regular Mediclaim/Health Insurance from General Insurance Cos.

  3. Hi..

    Fortunately now we have 2 dedicated Health Insurance Companies in India.

    1. Apollo DKV Health Insurance
    2. Star Health Insurance Company

    Both of them are focused Health Insurance companies, hence they are good both in terms of service and products. Yea, premium are little higher but they are good.

    Besides then, all General Insurance companies in India provide health cover.

    Dont get confused with Life Insurance companies like LIC or ICICI Pru health initiatives. They are focused Life companies, hence better to buy either from Apollo / Sta or General Insurance companies and not Life Insurance companies.

    If you want options, then try Bajaj Allianz General / ICICI Lombard General and Oriental Insurance company.

    If you dont want to chase different agents from different companies for your Insurance Policy and want all under one roof, then best bet is India’s first On-line Insurance Portal – http://www.InsuranceMall.in

    At this site, you could compare and buynow your choice health Insurance policy at your pace.

    For critical reviews on all Health Insurance products in India, you may want to read Bonsai Insurance Blog – I Opener at http://www.InsuranceMall.in/blog

    Good Luck..


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