3 Replies to “Which is the best health insurance plan? iam really confused with lots of companies plans?”

  1. Maternity is not a health disorder requiring hospitalisation. For this reason it is not covered under Health Insurance by majority of insurance companies.

    Apollo Munich under its easy health exclusive plan covers maternity expenses after a 4 years waiting period. Some other including Public and Private Sector players cover maternity under group insurance plans offered to corporates.

  2. The best plan will depend on a lot of things. First things first, only look at companies that are large enough to avoid going out of business in the face of the health care reform. Small companies may be forced to raise their rates in effort of driving you away or just plain shut their doors, possibly leaving you with an unsettled claim or without coverage.

    Next, work with an independent agent that represents all the major companies in your state. You are not likely to find an agent who only represents one company recommend anything other than their policies. An independent can offer you plans from several companies and with the prices being set by law you won’t be able to buy it cheaper anywhere else anyway.

    The next thing to consider is your health and that of everyone to be covered on your policy. DON”T GET DENIED COVERAGE. It is a negetive thing to have on your record. An agent can fact find, submit an anonymous prescreen evaluation and likely prevent a denial situation. Don’t just blindly apply. Some companies will be more competitive based on factors like; high blood pressure, overweight, prescribed drugs etc. Let an agent guide you to which companies are more tolerant of you specific conditions.

    Finally, decide whether a traditional copay style plan or an HSA (Health Savings Account) is right for you. You can look over your past annual averages for health care expenses to help determine which style of plan would have saved you money in the long run. Often times an HSA is the most economical plan for individuals and families alike. They typically have high deductibles(ex. $5,000) that help reduce monthly premiums. A $5,000 deductible may seem outrageous, but hospitals allow you to set up payment plans that create affordable monthly payments.

    I encourage you to speak with an independent agent in your area. They will be able to listen to your needs, show you your options and allow you to make the decision that’s right for you.

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