Which IS The Best Choice For ME?

Hi, I’m Planing To invest 5000-15000 per month in recurring type… what is better than bank’s fixed deposit which is 7.75pa??? i’m planing to invest it for no longer than 5-6 years?? In this case, does LIC Have A Good Plan???

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  1. If you do not wish to take trouble in selection of investment idea – then invest in good quality Mutual Fund scheme through SIP route. MFs are a good vehicle for recurring investments on a long term basis and the returns are much more than any financial instrument on the offer.

    If you can take a little bit of trouble, select good quality shares / stocks and keep investing in them over a period of time. You will be very happy to get back much more money than any other investment. You have a long time period to invest ( 5 to 6 years is nice period for appreciation ) so you can easily ride the crashes ( if any ),too.

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