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  1. Good to know that you are planning for you childs future well in advance, which many parents normally miss out on. As a father myself i know how important is education in the life of the child.
    For my own son i have gone and gotten the Aviva Education Insurance Plan, because we felt it would be more useful, as opposed to a regular life insurance plan.

    We also found the Aviva website and personal most sympathetic and understanding of our needs, and that’s why probably why we went with them in the end. Check the website here: http//www.educationisinsurance.com

  2. Hello Farman
    First of all congratulations to you for thinking for future…Because most of the people are either unaware or unwillingly to think the same…
    Actually Child planning is important not just for provisions for his future spends but it also helps the child in his/her education while taking education…
    I recommends you to go for MAX NEW YORK LIFE’s SMART STEP PLUS policy…
    as it gives the triple protection to child and also secures the parent, Provides Life Insurance, Education Expenses and many more….

    for further more information….

    call me on : 09766867212


  3. Insurance is for insurance, not for investing. If you wish to invest, look into the markets. Insurance is for cutting the risk factor. In other words, if a husband makes all the family’s money, he needs to protect his family by insuring himself against premature death.
    If he dies too soon, his family will be at a loss financially. Thus, an insurable policy against early death protects.
    Point being, protection against the breadwinner. Thus, why would you insure a child who earns nothing? What are you insuring him against? Insurance companies love this type of policy, since insurance is a numbers game, and since most children will not die prematurely, they win.
    Take the money you would throw away with an insurance policy and put it into a stock fund or blue chip stock(s) for the child. Add to it monthly/quarterly/yearly and when the time comes for him to go to college, you’ll pat yourself on the back congratulating yourself with what you did.

  4. Aviva Young Scholar has got attractive returns, enhanced by bonus units every 5 years to build the desired corpus of funds on maturity of the policy. Go for it!