5 Replies to “Which is the best bank in India for savings account?”

  1. There are several types of Savings a/c now offered by various banks. Earlier days, Savings Bank account has only one feature. Now there are flexi type of savings account, some of which has quarterly balance, minimum balance and nil balance features. Plus it offers variety of benefits like ATM cum Debit card, net banking facility, etc., etc., You need to check which suits your need with the bank. Location of bank also plays a vital role because it would be more beneficial for you to open a SB account in a bank branch which is very near to your home or office. Because very often you need to visit the branch. Even though many branches have core banking facilities, they charge a nominal fee for transacting in other branch. So search for the nearest bank/branch.

  2. Public Sector banks like SBI, BOB etc are supposed to be safe, but will offer low rate of interest. HDFC, ICICI will offer higher interest. The thumb rule, higher the rate of interest offered the more riskier is the bank

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