which is more beneficial PPF,MUTUAL FUND ,INSURANCE POLICY?

For financial gain,secure investment,less formalities and easy benefits which is best and how 1 should invest his money in 2-3 place.

which is more beneficial PPF,MUTUAL FUND ,INSURANCE POLICY?
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  1. order of priority
    PPF start with yearly contribution of say Rs 500 for a few years contribute smaller amount.
    On the 11th year onwards contribute large amount.It is the most tax efficient .Continue investing if you do not have liquidity problems till 30 years Start in the name of Minor children to start with

    Assume thatyou not got any rise in a year and contribute to Voluntary PF in your organidsation

    Start a life policy say 50 times your monthly earnings preferably unit linked

    Start a term insurance for a huge amount say after you reach the age of 40

    Start a mutual fund SIP say for 2000p.m as early as possible where there is free life cover for death upto100 times your monthly SIPamount

  2. No doubt investing in MF you may gain more but at same time there is risk also.But if you are prepared to wait for more than 10 yrs,the profits may be good if you know when to sell.The lic policies are also long term investments with some benefits.

    If you are not prepared for any kind of risks,the best is PPF,
    the period is 15 yrs. from 5th year onwards you can make partial with drawls.In an year the maximum you can invest is 70000.either in lump sum or in twelve instalments. The interest rate is8% and is compounded every year.this means you may get interest of about 10%. Above all these either the interest earned or the principle is tax free That is to say exempt, exempt exempt (EEE).It is one of the safest of the investments for long periods.Each member of your family can open a separate account in approved banks and main post offices.

  3. ppf is fixed and static. mutual funds fluctuating and returns are flexible. insurance is purely risk oriented and have some tax benefits that is all

  4. Dear reader,

    Just start sparing Rs.4,000/- per month out of your salary & buy 2 gold bees units.
    After 5 years, July 2016, you will have 4Lacs+ amount with you.
    Trust this, this is investment in Gold in safe format.
    Easy, safe, secure for every small investor.

    Mutual Fund, ULIP, Insurance, buying directly stocks/shares, currency market like Forex are risky & the returns are lesser than above

  5. secure investment and easy benefit, less formalitites : PPF
    Insurance is not an investment avenue: necessary for risk cover. prefer term policy
    financial gain: with inherited risks Mutual fund. hence depends on risk apetite

  6. Well each and every option has its own benefits… despite of asking this question here, you can ask this question to any market expert like Mansukh, Sharekhan and ICIC Direct… they will help you in a much better way…

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