4 Replies to “Which is Good Property/Flat general insurance company in India?”

  1. Please contact a Broker for the same as they will provide you with comparison on the rates available in the market. They also don’t charge any brokerage as they get commission from the company itself. One broker being Emkay Insurance Brokers.

  2. Its very Easy way through this process, & also Afford Insurance , AUTO Accesseries , Life insurance, Driver insurance, Car Maintainces , Renewle POLICY, Medical Insurance, House Insurance, Etc ……

    How to Buy Insurance ??
    How Much u have to Pay?
    What is ur Return Policy?
    Where u Get Best satisfaction Terms in Insurance?

  3. you can contact local office of the new india insurance or united india insurance company . they are quite reasonable with the amount of premium . other private firms charge little more

  4. Select the basic cover with Earthquake + Terrorism. You can get 50% discount in Premium (excluding Add on premium for Earthquake and Terrorism) if you plan to take a policy for 10 years or more. So fix the tenure first. Then contact any PSU. You can compare the premium quoted by The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., New India Assurance, National Insurance and United India and take a decision.

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