Which is better investment-PPF or LIC new bima gold?

I want to invest 24000/annum for 20 years, which one will give higher returns?I already have 13laks insurance

Which is better investment-PPF or LIC new bima gold?
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  1. if you want to invest 24000 per Annam then one of best policy in LIC
    its jivan saral.it will give you very good return .its a golden Peaock aword plan.and good return also with safety of your money.for more deatail mail me

  2. Any classic insurance product(LIC new bima or other non-ULIP ones) gives anywhere between 3-5% return while PPF gives 8% return. Since you already have insurance of 13Lacs(hope it is sufficient), you should invest this 24000/- and let it grow. Remember, insurance is not equal to investment. So, go ahead put it in PPF. You can also SIP into MFs if you like.
    Anyways, don’t waste your hard-earned 24000/- by investing it to earn 3-5% returns. You get better returns in FD itself.


  3. P P F is best. Dont go for LIC. You get maximum benefit in PPF.
    Whatever interest you get is totally tax free in PPF no attachment you can withdrawn part of the amount in future. You pay more amount as premium in LIC, from income point of view PPF is the excellent scheme.

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