10 Replies to “which is better insurance company btn lic of india or metlife for indians?”

  1. Offcourse LIC of india due

    LIC is maintaining itself as a number one service provider since last 4-5 years in top 50 service providers in india.

    It’s a Govt. of India enterprises.

    The Plans of LIC of india’s are compartively good the other life insurace service provider in india.

  2. Lic is the oldest player in our country and have enjoyed lot of monopoly as a being a government enterprise.Met Life entered the Indian market in 2001-2002. Though Met life has some good products, it hardly comes even in top ten players in India. While LIC is always ahead of all others as people trust on it. I will like to mention that there are many other insurance companies in India which are doing much better than Metlife, for example ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allainz and Sbi Life. LIC has lost some market share in last one decade, but still hold huge share of this insurance industry which is around 70% at least.

    Vishal Kashyap,

  3. Deifinitely LIC
    Their product and service is unmatched
    Just go their site and compare their products with any Life Insurance Company
    Most transparent company in Public Sector
    Hats off to LIC

  4. LIC the most Trusted brand in India. LIC was started in year of 1956 oldest Insurance Company governed by Indian Government hence Better for INDIANS.

    It has a very wide range of business strategy all over India and Abroad.

    All the private players as they entered in 1990’s in Indian Market, they not even have good nos. of claim settlement record yet and in my opinion it’ll take 20-25 yrs more to get their settlement records as LIC. LIC is most reliable Insurance Co. & its claim settlement record is good. LIC settles 1 claim in every 3 second.

    Today LIC functions with
    2048 fully computerized branch offices, 100 divisional offices, 7 zonal offices and The Corporate office.

    LIC’s Wide Area Network covers 100 divisional offices & connects all branches through a Metro Area Network.

    LIC’s ECS and ATM premium payment facility is an addition to customer convenience. Apart from on-line Kiosks and IVRS, Info Centres

    LIC has launched its SATELLITE SAMPARK offices. The digitalized records of the satellite offices will facilitate anywhere servicing and many other conveniences in the future.

    Met Life entered the Indian market in 2001-2002. Though Met life has some good products, it hardly comes even in top ten players in India.

    While LIC is always ahead of all others. It’s a Govt. of India enterprises. Only LIC has the Central Governments Guarantee for your hard earned money.

    The Plans of LIC of india’s are comparatively good the other life Insurance service provider in india.

    From the above it is crystal Clear that LIC of India is Much Much better Insurance Company for Indians.

    Thanks & Regards,

    LIC / GIC Consultant, {Gold Medalist}
    Mob:9899633555 email:[email protected]


  5. All the companies are there to give you best services and product. In my opinion you should analyze your need what exactly are you looking for and see what different companies are offering you. All the companies are regulated by IRDA so as far as your Insurance part is concerned you should not be worried about that its already taken care by the IRDA. Metlife is an old company and is having some very good products. It is having a successful history of more then 138 years and is always in the top 100 list of Fortune 500 companies. LIC is there for more then 55 years & every one knows about it. Till the time cable TV was introduced you would agree DD channels were the best WHY? (Because you don’t have the options) Today you have a number of unique products being offered. I think you should do a comparison of the products first and then take your decision. This is a long term decision you are taking for your family. You can take the help of websites like http://mypolicyshop.com/ who proves you free comparison by sending insurance advisor at your doorstep. Hope my suggestion is helpful for you.

  6. LIC is a old and very big indian company where as METLIFE india is a new comparatively new company. All insurance companies are good becuase insurance is a legal matter, so they are bound to offer u the services mentioned in the policy contract. So, the most important thing for u is to look into the fine prints of the policy u r thinking to buy, try to get information about other companies similar productss. it ll help u in knowing their charges and performances.

  7. Insurance means assuring in case of miss happening,
    Last year LIC’s claim settlement ratio was more that 98% which is the highest in the market.

    Point to be noted LIC has more than 75% market share, in numbers LIC has paid the claim more than what all private insurance players had earned 🙂

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