Which is best ULIP for wealth creation purpose only in india?


I am interested in investing in ULIP. My basic intention is

1. To create wealth over a period of time.

2. Insurance is not important to me. Only investment matters.

3. Short term investment like 5 years.

4. Liquidity / Withdrawal at desired time.

Kindly suggest me. You can reach to me on 9321 711 486. I am in Mumbai.

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  1. If you are saying you are interested in Only Investment, why are you thinking about ULIPs.
    ULIPs are combined products of both insurance and investment.
    For Insurance, go for term insurance preferably from LIC.
    For investments, go for simple MFs but strictly in SIP mode.
    Advantages of MFs over ULIPs
    – Great liquidity
    – No entry load.
    – No major administrative charges like that of ULIPs

    Its really good that you are thinking for long-term like 5 yrs.Excellent. But as I said always go for SIP mode to take advantage of market volatility.
    About MFs go for one large cap MF, one mid & small cap MFs and Gold ETF.


  2. It seems you do not understand investments and have not heard of Mutual Funds.

    ULIPs are a combination of Insurance & Investment in which you benefit only if you remain invested for a very long period of 15-20 years. Almost no liquidity for 1st 3 years or surrender charges are very high.


  3. In the present context, LIC’s Market Plus 1, is the best one, and it closes on 31.8.10. You can go for it without risk cover. If your purpose is wealth creation, then you should keep it invested for long say, more than 10 years. If you want to multiply your money in a shorter duration, then you should go for other investment options and not Ulip.

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