5 Replies to “which is best source to buy Mutual funds and other investments?”

  1. As such, nothing really. But with the Govt.’s blessings, you can be sure of the money in it. This also allows users to choose funds which can help them.
    If PFRDA becomes powerful, the big advantage would be that all PF from Pvt Firms could also directly land into this account (like PF) but with the “big” difference that the account is electronic and portable unlike our dear PF.

    This is a good read – http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodname=20090309&fname=Pension+Fund+(F)&sid=2

  2. You can avoid middle men by going directly to the websites of mutual funds. Here are two of the biggest no-load mutual fund companies. I prefer Vanguard.

  3. u should try to find out data from some sites. choose d mutual which has track record of atleast 4to 5 years… choose ur type and then go for investment after investing.

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