Which is best LIC or ICICI, am with ICICI prudential ULIP 3yrs[2ndyr ongoing],is it safe with ICICI?

Nowadays people say that ICICI pru is not a safe choice of investment. I am worried. Many LIC agents tell me to withdraw from ICICI and go for LIC. Suggestions please.

Which is best LIC or ICICI, am with ICICI prudential ULIP 3yrs[2ndyr ongoing],is it safe with ICICI?
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8 Replies to “Which is best LIC or ICICI, am with ICICI prudential ULIP 3yrs[2ndyr ongoing],is it safe with ICICI?”

  1. If you have a long term goal then please continue.Anyways if you withdraw now your investment will be nullified which will not help you.This is the best time to enter markets because the valuatuions encourage buying.At whatever NAV you must have purchased surely it must have come down now but in a years time it will be back to the NAV you purchased.But ULIPS are longtem investments and their magic is because of Compound Interest zing.So stay put let the NAV rise you will have to invest for another year and let CI work it’s magic.BTW if you feel the NAV is more then at what you purchased and you want it to sustain then you can switch.Personally it’s no use withdrwing from it.Stay put and relax!

  2. If you have taken a ULIP from ICICI then it will take one more year for you to choose to take the money out.Whomsoever istelling you to take out moeny just wants you to but his offerings so that he can earn money by selling policy to you. I don’t thibk it is unsafe to keep your money in India Largest public sector bank after SBI.I and many of my well know friends have kept money in ICICI Pru since last 4 years and i have even extended it as i completed 3 years locking period.

    This is turbulent time in Economy , investements are there for long periods , if you switch now it will take another 2 – 3 years to get some good return in new policy as market will revive in another 1 – 2 years only.So keep invested and you will see your money grow faster then the new ones.I don’t say that LIC is not good , indeed they are.

  3. If you are already invested in ULIP, remain invested for the term of the policy. You will not be able to recover investment in 5-6 years (forget return) but will be able to get about 9-10 % return after completion of term.

    If you want to invest in any ULIP now then stop. Read the charges before any investment.

  4. I agree with Bharat. As ULIPS can’t be transferred across insurance companies, it is better to stay invested. What Bharat told is right. You have to stay invested for 9-10 years to make significant gain from ULIPS. This is because of the high allocation+management charges of ULIPS which are deducted from the initial Years premium.

  5. undoubtedly LIC, despite large customer base and competion it is the best service provider and best insurer in India, its performance in claims are a standarrd for world insurance companies, ICICI has a dismal record of claims and performance of funds……go for LIC,your FUNDS AND LIFE BOTH ARE SECURE THERE..

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