8 Replies to “Which is best investment between Equity, Gold and real estate ?”

  1. In the Indian context, equity and real estate are the best. gold should form 5-10% of your portfolio. equity is the best. take help of some good equity investment advisor like longtermvalueinvesting(dot)com or moneyworks4me(dot)com.

  2. fixed income type 50%, real estate 30%, gold 10%, equity 10%
    for last 30 years i am safe with nthis formula. thanks to god, stock soaring never allured me.
    first has no volatility…gold aand RE have negligible fluctuations but buy at down trend.

  3. my suggestion is to balance your portfolio.

    1) First purchase a house using a home loan – you get great returns without much risk on money that you are yet to earn.

    2) From your savings post payment of the EMI, invest equally in GOLD ETF and EQUITY MF. Suggest not to dabble in direct equity.

    3) assuming you are also investing in cash instruments like PF / PPF which should form 1/3 of your savings and which also give you a tax break. otherwise, invest a part of your savings in “debt” instruments.

    A balanced approach will keep you smiling as the years pass by. Property investment at early age is a good start.


  4. depend on the country you are in and also the amount of money you want to invest

    In India

    gold is good as you will earn approx 10 % but about 8 % you can get in bank keeping your money liquid

    equity is better than gold only if you are investing up to 5L because above that you can invest in real estate (property) and earn more and safer

  5. Equity is the best ,but it depends on your investment strategy, again real state is good it depends on your location, budget, area,in last gold is O.K. All investments depend on your analysis.Ask local adviser or disclose your location, budget,…..

  6. If you can afford then Real Estate is the best option for investment, after then Gold is best option & after that Silver is best for investment, as the prices of Silver are going down.

  7. Any kind of investment, whether it is equity or gold or real estate, if done for a long period of 10 years is a good investment. It totally depends upon your financial profile so as to select which one will best suit you and gain you the maximum returns. If you have large initial capital for investment then real estate seems to be a good option but if you want to invest gradually then equities and gold are better options. Although whichever investment you choose, it is always recommended to take an expert’s advice so as to make reliable and safe investment decisions that will lead to higher returns. There are some reputed financial services companies like GEPL Capital providing professional wealth management services to their customer. You can consult such firms to help yourself guide in the right way.

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