Which is Best health insurance policy in India for individual?

So far I have learnt that Reliance healthwise is a pretty good policy. Are there any better policies in the Indian Market for individuals. There are some active groups offering membership plus health insurance with benefits of group insurance policy. More comments on these groups? You know of any such groups and their covers?
Oh yes.. I am looking for replies on general insurance companies only and NOT life insurance which offer health insurance based ULIPs.

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  1. TATA-AIG Health Investor polocy is good

    Lumpsum benefit on diagnosis of 12 critical illnesses
    Cover in case of unfortunate death
    100% Return of Premium in case of no claim
    5% increase in the Critical Illness Benefit upto a maximum of 50% of Sum Assured
    Limited premium payment period
    Level Premium

  2. i will help u

    see sbi life insurance have many option for helth insurance
    sbi life is the best insuranc which give more retuns and benifits to u so if u want to take any insuranc enot only helth got to sbi life for more ditails contact me my mail id is [email protected]

  3. The person who wants to take a health policy does not have many choices. It is – “either this or that”. For every offer there are certain conditions attached to them, which the client ignores most of the time. One should get the help of a legal expert to decode the policy document. Pvt. general insurars club a lot of benefits together and attach more conditions to benefits. When it comes to claim they ask the policy holder to refer to the policy document. As a client I would always prefer one of the PSU insurance companies for my health insurance.

    It is not necessary that a policy which suits the requirements of the advisor should be suitable for the client also. Think of it.
    good luck !!!

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