Which is best general insurance to take?

I can pay 2000rs/annam.I need Health & Mediclaim Policy.
My Requirements — Maximum coverage of insurance.Should cover all diseases including new diseases which will come in future(i have worried about swin flu a new arraival in 2009).
My age is 27years.

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  1. Use STAR allied health insurance which is the best and can be claimed from almost all hospitals. they will issue a ID Card and u can show it in any approved hospital and claim ur insurance

  2. In what state? Do you know there have been less than 200 people that have died from the new swin flu and most of those had other health conditions? And, how many millions of people do we have in this country? You have a better chance of getting hit by lighting.

  3. irrespective of your location, and if you are looking for Car or home owner’s insurance then you can go for New India Assurance since they have better network all across India.

    However, I would suggest ICICI Health saver for following reasons:
    1. Rs.15000 annually to cover you and your family (spouse & 3 children)
    2. Plan term is for 10 years which covers all disease except for Plastic surgery, HIV and Cancer.
    3. Cashless claims across more than 5000 hospitals in India.
    4. Pre hospitalization and recuperating medicals expenses up 30-60 days includes in claims.
    5. Policy is effective 30 days after the policy issue date.

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