9 Replies to “which investment is right way to invest ?”

  1. I think you should invest in mutual funds
    because the companies who offer these funds do not invest in one company only . instead they disperse(invest) all the funds in different companies so if one company is unable to give the returns they can get it from other companies.

  2. its depend on your capicity of investment if you have big amount as like verani family in the dramas of star plus then nothing to do if you have really then the best way of investment in india that is land business if you have big amount then you invest in big plaza in big cities in the start of any lproject and if you have a little amount to invest then also invest in little construction project and get flat or shop after completing that project your invest is double or rise to fifty percent

  3. Question does not tell us range of investment, better invest in land if you were in cities other wise go for post office deposits safe and secure.

  4. All investments are right. You have to select the best for yourself.
    This descision can be arrived at by understanding your RISK APPETITE ( Capacity to take financial risk ).
    Investments follow a simple rule HIGH RISK = HIGH RETURNS and LOW RISK = LOW RETURNS.
    High Risk investment are Share Market investments, Mutual Funds etc. Low Risk investments are Bank FDs, NSC, PPF, Debt schemes of Mutual Funds, Post Offoce etc
    Low Risk returns are currently lesser than 9% per annum. High Risk Returns can be any where above 15% over a long term.
    Happy Investing.
    Get in touch if u need more info

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