5 Replies to “which investment is more profitable mutual funds or fixed deposite according to current cituation?”

  1. It generally depends on a few factors. Two factors one has to look at in fixed income such as bonds, is both inflation and taxes. In the U.S., the only fixed income that beats both inflation and taxes is junk bonds, but they are called junk bonds for a reason. Right now, a fixed income has to beat 7%-8% before one could say it’s an investment. That’s 4%-5% from inflation and the rest in taxes.

    Mutual funds have their own problems. The biggest problem one sees with mutual funds is the fees. So if the fees per year are 1.5% of the pool of money, now one needs a 8.5%-9.5% return to consider that money an investment. Not only that, most (80%) mutual funds don’t beat the SP 500 index over the long term.

    Now if you place your money in the top 20% of the mutual funds out there, you will have the best chance of pulling a real profit from your investment.

  2. Hi mr. rahul
    tell me you are investment advisor or astrolizer. now both are failed. i am investor, last two years i am touch with investment advisor news. even today you see all advisor are having difrent opinion. no realty. as said senxes will touch 20000 in next july what is the logic behind. same think you can say to our national planner they dont have mind like you.

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