4 Replies to “which Insurance policy is better for child?”

  1. well i have taken the policy LIC KOMAL JEEVAN for my child as it is giving guaranted return of 75%. i think this is the best policy for child in market

  2. INSURANCE IS NOT INVESTMENT. Ideally it is better if you do not take any insurance policy for a child.

    The return from an insurance policy will hardly beat REAL INFLATION.

    Take enough TERM PLAN for yourself with daughter as nominee.

    For INVESTMENT , go for a combination of PPF ( in your daughter’s name ) / SIP in MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

    Most insurance agents will not agree to such an idea. REASON IS OBVIOUS.

  3. friend….if ur spouse is not working den i suggest u to go for a child plan which has compulsary…premium funding rider on death, immediate death benefit, periodic payments till maturity and den lump sum benefit at maturity….please note that nothing comes for free and there are charges to it depending on ur health and age….but its very crucial and u must go for it….don’t expect too much on returns part as this wud more from security point of view…..

    d second option makes more sense if ur spouse is workin and u trust that after you, he/she can take good care of ur finances…in that case u can simply go for a term plan…in this case u just pay for the cost of insurance and there are no maturity benefit

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