Which Insurance company ULIPs are good to choose?

I want to invest money not only for tax savings but also for higher returns after some period of time without any risk. For this which company ULIPs of which fund type is good and also how i am benefited by opting insurance coverage or not?

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  1. SBI is crap, they have very high unit allocation charges, 1yr premium is gone in that itself.

    Allianz has some good ULIPs but if insurance is not what you want. Go for ELSS(Equity linked savings scheme). That way you can apply for Tax rebate and the return on Investment would also be high.


  2. I have invested in ICICI lifetime gold ULIP plan and it is growing with a very fast pace.
    for more info contact Karan :919873373801

  3. You should be careful about ULIPs. They have long lock in periods,. and high management charges which are levied upfront.

    Always better to go for “unbundled” plans, like life, and invest in mutual funds for the equity part.


  4. hi
    all company having some good and bad that is depend on which plane u r choosing .
    1, if u r less than 35 Year old look in long term plane long term planes are low risk and choose th fund like 70% in Equity and 30% in diets funds,
    to find wich plane is good ask for ILLUSTRATION of your plane wich ur planing it show s all reality of the plane .

    If u r not looking for the insurance only for the investment go MF it is bater or go for pension which is New plane by the ICICIPru life 0% charges.
    If u r looking for insurance cover opt for max insurance cover in insuranc plane in ulips and pay for long term it is best than any other investment

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