6 Replies to “which insurance co. gives the best term insurance plan. i am a male aged 40 yrs of age. also pl. let me know?”

  1. there are a lot of variables that go into pricing an insurance policy. If you are located in the U.S. I can run some quotes, I am based in NY. Age, health, the number of years, etc. all count but term is very competitive and there should be some good rates out there.

  2. Hi,

    You are in for good news. In December 2008, IRDA has reduced the compulsory Solvency margins (reserves to be kept with insurer as mandated by IRDA) to give fill-up to insurance companies in these market situations. Also, the service tax on the premium will cost you 2.36% less as the same was reduced by CBDT (central board of direct taxes) from 12.36% to 10%.

    You may like to check out TATA-AIG’s pure term plan called ‘Raksha’ which has competitive mortality rate (per ‘000) for higher age slabs(post 30 years).

    Also, check out ‘Life Shield Plus’ launched a week back by Aviva Life Insurance. The plan comes with Dreaded Disease (critical illness) and ADB (Accidental death Benefit rider) which is a plus over a vanila tern plan which only has death benefit to the beneficiary of life insured in the unfortunate event of life insured’s death.

    In case you do not smoke then it’s worth evaluating non-smokers plan with Kotak and other insurers.

    All the names mentioned above would offer monthly frequency mode (which in my opinion is also a good way to invest in a pure term plan) though this will increase the cost of your premium.

    Looking at your age, you need a cover essentially till the age of 55-60 years by which your major responsibilities (loans, settling children, present standard of living etc.) will be on your shoulder.

    Don’t wait any further to buy this most basic cover for yourself. Remember, people who deffered their decision of purchasing insurance on tomorrow were many a times too late.

    Wishing you a long and healthy life.

  3. hi
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  4. LIC.
    The lowest claim rejection ratio in the insurance industry in India. Naturally the premium may be little high. But as it is Term is a inexpensive product. Dont try to save a few hundreds for the sake of good service.

    Term Insurance in LIC is available in six monthly and annual mode only.

  5. If you ask such questions on this forum you will get replies from insurance agents, which are not reliable.
    Best is to undertake your own comparative study.

    AEGON Religare Level Term Plan

    Age 40 – Term – 20 years S.A. 30,00,000/- monthly Premium Rs 1120/-
    Yearly Premium Rs 12876/-

    Age 40 – Term – 20 years S.A. 25,00,000/- Yearly Premium Rs 10730/-

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