Which health insurance plan is best in india. I need it for my father who has to undergo an operation shortly.?

My father has to undergo a varicose veins operation shortly and i am planning to buy a health insurance plan for the same(in india). Which is the best one that i should go for. Is there some time limit after the date of insurance before which i cannot avail any benefit if i go for surgeries? I have minimal knowledge regarding health insurance plans and how it works. Please share some information regarding this.

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  1. It is difficult to get insurance cover if your father is above 45 years. Pre existing ailments are not covered in the first year. They will ask your father to have a complete medical check up before issuing a policy. After all Insurance is a business. Nobody will give insurance if there is going to be a definite claim.

    Go to Star Health Insurance and take a policy for your father. Even if he does not get cover for the present ailment, it will help to cover other ailments in the future.

  2. There is little chance of any company covering pre-existing disease in the first two years. However, if your father is above 60 years of age, consider Senior Citizen Red Carpet policy from Star Heath. It has a co-pay clause wherein you have to bear 50% of expenses. Do check about exclusions beforehand.

  3. Dear Nishtha,
    There is no policy available which will cover existing ailments. Insurance is for unknown risks. If you know a building is going to crash, would you insure the damages, putting yourself in the shoes of the insurance company? I would still suggest you look for a mediclaim policy for ailments other than existing, and correct the mistake of not insuring your parents as of date. Health Insurance always pays in the long term.

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