Which company in India offering best intraday tip in Share market BSE & NSE, to earn decent profit without ris?

I am a retired person, looking for some professional company offering Intraday tips in BSE & NSE, to earn decent amount. I am not in position to take any risk. Can you help me ?

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  1. There is no such thing as reliable risk-free intraday tips. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying to you.

    Investing is not that simple. You need to educate yourself. Read. Study. Take classes. Most importantly, stop being naive and thinking it is quick and easy.

  2. BOSS,
    you are retired person and you want to do intra-day.
    That sounds absurd.
    Mind you results for intra-day trading are worse than gambling.
    I hope your retirement planning is alredy taken care of.
    If yes and you want FUN / EXCITEMENT then only do intra-day.
    Value of a company cant change in few hours!

  3. I think these days almost all the companies are equally competitive like mansukh, religare, india bulls etc. I think if you are planning to invest it is better you consult experts from manuskh and even download their report because it will help you out in properly understanding the market

  4. Sir,
    With age investment in risky business should decrease. And you are looking for most risky one ‘Intra day’ .Looking at your risk appetite, you should keep yourself away from any Intra day trading. In fact, your exposure in stock/Mutual fund should be at minimal.

    But if you have interest in stocks then limit yourself to blue chip stocks only. One thing to remember is that you are the only person who is most interested to safeguard your money and nobody else. Brokers/other professional earn money so its their business to provide you tip but you need to be careful before taking any investment. If you have time/interest to learn then I would suggest you to try
    http://tutorials.TopStockResearch.com to learn first. But be very careful of not getting carried away with not so clear buy/sell signal.

    For blue chip stocks visit http://www.TopStockResearch.com/index/CNX_100.html

  5. since u r retired, do not waste your valuable hard earned money on share trading. still if u have decided to go for it, instead go for delivery trading which is safe for you and mind u invest in 4-5 different companies so that if one goes down other comes up so u will be earning daily. check your bp first for such unreliable business. anything may happen. No such company is reliable your judgement should be final. good luck.

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