Which blogging platform (free )will provide me to make money instantly?

I once had a blog but for a whole year i could not use it for various reasons only to realise very recently that it has been deleted by someone I know. I need money urgently and writting is something I am apt at and since I can work from home blogging is my best bet!


Which blogging platform (free )will provide me to make money instantly?
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  1. What happened to the days when “blogging” was something done purely for fun and nobody had any thought in their mind of making money from it

  2. No website will provide you with money instantly – you have to work at it and market your site.

    You will find free blogging sites cannot be used for e-commerce purposes and any use of these sites to earn money normally sees your blog deleted.

    Registering a domain name and then hosting are in-expensive and then you can use the free WordPress script for any e-commerce you’re planning. Costs:domain registration – around US$9.00/10.00 per year and hosting from around US$4.00 per month depending on memory required and bandwidth used.

    There are thousands of free themes for your blog and use a free e-commerce plugin for your online store such as WP-eStore.

  3. Google’s Blogger seems relatively tolerant of commercial activity, your best insurance is to spend that $10 or so a year for a domain name of your own that may then be transferred along with the site content to other hosts should one free host drop you.

    The chance of instant revenue is higher doing work for others, it would be months to see any revenue from a blog, the most popular way to earn some money with a blog is to ad Google Adsense advertisements, but to earn their $10 minimum payout you have to get tens of thousands of visitors, some blogs never get that many viewers.

    You can find writing tasks at freelance marketplaces like Odesk.com or frelancer.com, as a rule workers don’t have to pay any fees.

    There are also article brokerages that save the headaches of finding and bidding for freelance jobs, iWriter.com pays perhaps $2.43 per 500 word article at first, after receiving 25 positive reviews one may earn $4.05 per article. textbroker.com is another possibility, contentwritingindia.com 6 1/2 years old nut I know nothing about it.

    This site list writing and transcription employers, I can’t say if they are legitimate or not, as a rule you should Not pay for a job or any mebership fee to access job lists.

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