4 Replies to “which banks in India have net banking, where i can open and prematurely close a fixed deposit?”

  1. SBI has this system though each branch of SBI is not facilitated with this. Ask your nearest SBI branch and check whether the fixed deposit can be withdrawn anytime or not.
    I have got a personal experience in Teghoria branch, where fixed deposit was available but for withdrawing money prematurely I had to sign over the fixed deposit paper and submit it at the bank. but my friend can do it online whose SBI branch is in GOA, Dabolim.

  2. Almost all banks in India have net banking facility. However, you have to go to the bank at least once to open a savings bank account. Thereafter, if there is money in that savings account, you can take out money from there and open a fixed deposit account. This facility of opening a new account linked to your account, may not be provided by all the banks.

    Premature closing of FD is not a problem at all. Most banks have rules like they will deduct a small percentage as fine on premature closure. This needs to be checked while opening the account.

  3. Your answer is HDFC Bank Ltd, where you can
    avail net-banking facility as well as you can open
    a fixed deposit account online and also close it

  4. I prefer SBI, it’s netbanking services is more popular to avail merchant services and the services online are quite impressive, opening a new a/c like e-FD,e-RD, NEFT,RTGS and lots more

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