11 Replies to “Which bank is the best to open a SB account in India?”

  1. If you are in south india, go with SBI. Then u can use all SB(I,H,M…) atms. and there wont be any hidden charges.
    Will be suitable for all ur needs, even mutual funds, etc etc also available.
    Only problem is, banks will be crowded in weekends.

  2. State bank of India, because it is having the large number of branches including the others in the state bank group. Their charges are reasonable. If you go for the new generation banks your savings bank account will end up in minus balance soon by different charges. happy banking.

  3. SBI.. no doubt in it.. It is largest bank in India also.
    1. You can use all ATMs of State bank of Mysore, Trivandram, etc.,
    2. Internet banking is at free of cost
    3. No hidden charges like new generation banks.
    4. Minimum balance is Rs.1000 only.
    5. ABB is possible at selected branches
    5. Reasonable charges only.

    In addition you can avail DMAT account.

    Disadvantagegs :
    1. Since the bank people are very slow in work and careless about customers, you have to wait in a long queue.
    2.More over you have to go with an introducer (should have account in SBI) to open SB account.

    Though there are some disadvantages, SBI is the best bank to open SB account when comparing with other banks.

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